The dynamic brand is well received by domestic consumers where their increasing consumption has made Red Bull the leading brand of energy beverage. Red Bull has proven to its consumers its product performance – maintaining alertness, endurance and performance, – stimulating both mind and body. It has entrenched itself and widely accepted by participants in the arena of extreme and motor sports. With an active lifestyle spreading to many Singaporeans of all walks of life, Red Bull will continue its contribution to provide the energy in maintaining their daily activities.  
Red Bull Singapore’s Response To The Article In TODAY Newspaper With reference to the newswire article published in TODAY newspaper on Tuesday 17 January 2012 “Energy drinks blamed for caffeine poisoning”, we would like to remind our consumers that the recommended intake amount is no more than 3 cans of Red Bull per day, as highlighted on our products. In accordance to Food Standards Australia and New Zealand, the prescribed amount of caffeine in formulated caffeinated beverages is 80mg/250ml can, which our Red Bull products adhere to the prescribed code. One 250ml can of Red Bull Energy Drink contains about the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee. Taken in appropriate amounts, Red Bull Energy Drink aids in the following for consumers: – Increases concentration and reaction speed – Improves vigilance – Stimulates metabolism We recommend our consumers to enjoy a maximum number of 3 cans of Red Bull per day. On our part, we will continue to educate and remind consumers on the appropriate intake to enhance their lifestyles.  

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